Old Fashioned Fun – And another reason why I love the Berkshires!

Last night friends and family strapped on snow shoes and head lamps and took off into Beartown Mountain State Forest. It was a balmy 42 degrees and the moon broke through the clouds to provide a glow and shadows along the trails. It was truly magical – the combination of bringing a group of diverse ages and backgrounds together to walk in the snowy woods and then capping the evening off with food, drinks and a roaring fire in the fireplace is priceless.

And priceless it was in more ways than one – the walk in the woods — FREE.

But let’s think about it further.  We live in the Berkshires.  We have access to nature.  During these tough economic times, combining sport, connecting with friends and family and a simple dinner is old fashioned fun.  No fancy bells and whistles.

An investment in snow shoes can be anywhere from $50 – $300; I also suggest getting some adjustable poles.  You wear your hiking boots and voila – you are ready!!  I also use my snow shoes when showing land during the winter.

So, instead of fretting about money – call some friends, get out in the woods, cherish nature and appreciate why we live in the Berkshires – I did – and I feel fantastic!!

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