The Entrepreneurial Spirit

There is hope.

I just heard from an old friend. He’s developed a technique to turn sewage sludge into usable energy that is cleaner, cheaper and environmentally friendly versus the current methods of incineration, trucking to land fill, or worse spread onto farm land (YUCK!).  

He needs $1 million of seed capital. Now here’s capitalism at work. An engineer invents a system that solves a major problem. He now need to take his idea out to potential investors, convince them of his value proposition and build these new systems.

My point is – isn’t it wonderful that even in this economic environment, we have great people thinking up solutions for problems that can become tomorrows big industry. This call made me happy and hopeful. Even in bad times you can’t crush the spirit of an entrepreneur with a viable idea.

I love this and if I had a million, I’d invest in solving an environmental hazard!! And by the way, the name of the company is called Clean Recovery, Inc. Unfortunately there is no website, yet!! 

If anyone wants info, I’ll send you the powerpoint!!

Viva la entrepreneur!!

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