Monthly Archives: May 2008

Conflicting Information

Winter’s over. The days are longer. Things feel better. Is it the vitamin D or are we emerging out of the depth of the bust? I’d like to believe that things are basing.

What I’ve noticed in the real estate market is that sellers (and I mean real sellers) are reducing their prices and are telegraphing that they want offers. Buyers (and I mean real buyers) are making offers on these properties and transactions are happening. Additionally, I have a May 6th Wall Street Journal article pinned on my bulletin board boasting “The Housing Crisis is Over”. And I believe that it is a well-reasoned article grounded in sound statistical information.

So where’s the conflict – it’s the economy stupid!! Gas prices are still making new highs, inflation is really showing up in the data and a myriad of other indicators are spelling RECESSION. So I might suggest that we all hold onto to our hats and get ready for a wild ride.

Don’t be greedy, be realistic. Get a bicycle. Plan ahead for the coming winter and pay attention to the election campaign.