Monthly Archives: January 2009


What’s clear to me is that things have really changed. The party as we’ve known it for the last 25 years is over. But I am OK with that – I never really understood how things could keep going. And of course I doubted myself for thinking that the buying and building frenzy were fueled by easy credit, not earned income.

So now that the proverbial chickens have come home to roost, how do even the sane among us cope with the sea changes ahead!! The secret is simple – don’t spend beyond your means, save your pennies, conserve everything (gas, energy, time, money) whenever possible. I hear my grandmother and now her words are being channeled through me.

As for the real estate market – it really goes back to the old rules too – buy a house you can afford and plan to live in – it’s not a buy and flip asset.

It’s a struggle to adjust to the “old” realities but it’s a relief as well. To a simpler, less cluttered life where the emphasis is on relationships, family, home and community.

I promise to write more this year – it’s been difficult during these challenging times to get inspired. I’m back!!