75 Theresa Terrace – Represented the seller. Listed on 5/26/09. First of 4 offers on 6/24/09. Closed on 8/10/09 for $310,000 – 94% of list price!

26 Division Street, Great Barrington – Represented the seller.  We listed the property in May 2007 for $600,000. We had a ton of action and showings and an accepted offer mid-summer 2007 with a closing scheduled for October.  Due to unresolved issues the deal fell apart, to be patched up in early January for a March close.  This deal also fell apart but we went back through our list of interested buyers and resurrected another buyer. The property closed on July 21, 2008 for $475,000.

2 Rattlesnake Mountain Road, Stockbridge – Represented the seller.  We listed the property in April 2006 for $495,000. The seller was very attached to this property which is adjacent to their current residence and held fond memories for them.  While we knew it was over-priced, it was clear to me that my seller wasn’t ready.  All I asked of them is to stick with me!!  We lowered the price several times until it was clear the property was decaying and appeared unloved.  In mid-May of 2008, we lowered it to $225,000 – as is!!  We had a full price offer within 2 weeks. The property closed on July 5, 2008 for $235,00 – some extra consideration for extra land.. The seller was pleased and ready to sell and the buyer knew they had purchased well!!

226 Silver Street, Sheffield – Represented the seller.  We listed the property in January 2008 for $299,000. The property went under agreement mid-May and the  closed on June 13, 2008 for $295,000. The seller was thrilled to nearly get her asking price in a terrible real estate market.

48 South Main Street, Sheffield (aka The Berkshire 1802 House Bed and Breakfast)  – Represented the seller.  We listed the property in December of 2005 for $649,000 and lowered the price to $599,000 in January, 2007; the property closed on October 2, 2007 for $599,000. The sellers were patient and understood that the market for Bed and Breakfasts is idiosyncratic.  We persevered through over 40 showings and as we imagined, one day, the right buyer would walk in the door.  Congratulations to all!!

6 Round Hill Road, Great Barrington – Represented the buyer.  During the Summer of 2007, Carole’s buyer client was looking for the just the right home for her family.  Carole had driven by a  particular FSBO for months and thought, “that house seems to have everything – close enough to town, yet offers a bucolic setting, etc.”  One call into the seller and several visits later, the deal was struck and the property closed on September 12, 2007 for $350,000.

3 Goodrich Street, Stockbridge.  Represented the seller.  Listed the property mid-January 2007 for $325,000. The transaction closed on May 25, 2007 for full price.

24 Ice Glen Road, Stockbridge – Represented the seller. We listed the property on January 16, 2006 for $1,195,000. The transaction closed on May 12, 2006 for $1,100,000.

61 Holmes Road, Lenox – Represented the seller. We listed the property for $289,000. The transaction closed on June 22,2006 for $262,500.

134 New Lenox Road, Lenox 
– Represented the buyer. Sales Associate, Alan O’Brient represented a buyer in search of a turn-key, move-in, low maintenance home in Lenox. The property closed on July 28, 2006 for $295,000.

The Federal House Inn, South Lee, MA – Represented the Seller.
We listed the property for $825,000. The transaction closed on February 14, 2006 (Happpy Valentine’s Day!) for $820,000

7 South Street, Stockbridge, MA – Represented the seller.
We listed the property, an American Craftsman cafe, on October 8, 2005 and had it under agreement on November 1, 2005. The transaction closed on December 15, 2005 for $650,000.

4 Kemble Street, Lenox, MA – Represented the Buyer.
In the process of working with our buyer client over a summer, we had gained a key understanding for what they wanted. When we saw a “FSBO” sign on the perfect property we contacted the seller and negotiated the deal. The property closed in March for $850,000.

The Kemble Inn – Lenox, MA – Represented the Seller.
We listed the property in February and had it under contract by early May. The transaction closed on June 26 for $1,750,000.

Spring Lawn Mansion and 30 acres – Lenox, MA – Transactional Broker. This sales process took approximately 14 months. Carole Murko was working with her buyer client in pursuit of a “Berkshire Cottage” that they wanted to develop into a high-end boutique hotel. There was nothing on the market that specifically met their objective but Carole had heard that Shakespeare and Co. wanted to sell Spring Lawn. She contacted them, arranged for a showing and it was love at first sight. Through a very long negotiation due to many complicating factors, the deal was finally penned and the property sold on July 12 for $3.9 million.

36 Holmes Road, Lenox, MA – Represented Buyer.
The buyer’s agent, Joanna Roche represented a young couple looking for a larger family home. The buyer’s had their eye on the home they were to purchase and when it came on the market, Joanna brought them right in. This sale closed on August 2nd for $555,000.