Monthly Archives: December 2007

Hunkering Down during a Snow Storm

There’s something romantic and comforting about a snow storm when you don’t need to travel and you can sit inside and watch the snow blanket the landscape, see the birds hovering around the feeders and “hear” the wonderful silence of a snow storm.

With meetings cancelled and phone service down (thankfully my cable is still working), I began contemplating 2007. I’ve had some success in real estate with some sales and some new listings. The nice thing about real estate is that there is a market during good times and bad times. I’d suggest that the real estate market in the Berkshires is sluggish, trending a bit lower but not dire. Afterall, we are fortunately not overbuilt like south Florida and Las Vegas. I tip my hat to towns like Stockbridge that do not openly welcome change or encourage development. Seems like a blessing in this market.

I’ve also have been working on several interior design projects. One is a ground up construction where I am working with the client and their architect on space planning, kitchen and bath design and material selection and finishes – with 7 bathrooms and a large kitchen, we’ve been having some fun. And we’ve been exploring all different finishes for the cabinets and options for tile for the bathrooms. My favorite material thus far is Lava Stone – it’s real lava stone, it can be custom colored in an enamel finish and fabricated for your specific use – it is dynamite!!! And my NOW project which needs to be done by the end of December is the new Napa Wine Bar and Restaurant that will be opening on Main Street in Great Barrington soon!! We worked with a modest budget to warm up a space that was cold and dominated with stainless steel walls and bar. Come see the transformation yourself!!!

Although there’s much more to report….and snow storms are a welcome break and an opportunity to think, write and prepare, it’s now time to strap on the skis… See you at the slopes!!!