Monthly Archives: February 2008

Goldilocks and the Berkshires

I just returned from a 10 day vacation to Taos, New Mexico and Lake Tahoe, NV. While the natural beauty of both places is awe-inspiring, the skiing phenomenal and the weather quite lovely for February, I realized I felt as though I were in a fairy tale. I was Goldilocks and the three resort areas – Taos, Tahoe and yes the Berkshires.

Taos Ski Valley is quaint, yet remotely situated up a long canyon. The town of Taos is 20 minutes from the ski area and offers amazing art galleries and artisans and shopping. It’s a great place BUT you are there there!! For Goldilocks it was too little – too little people, too hard to get to, perfect for a 5-7 day vacation.

Tahoe on the other hand offers skiing, lake sports, gambling and lots of glitz, cheesy characters, hummers, excess etc. The vistas were spectacular, but all the people, traffic and hoopla detract from the views. The sounds of nature are muffled by the traffic and by the way we were staying in a home tucked above the highway with pristine views of the lake and world class snow shoeing out the back door. So I am not complaining, but again, for Goldilocks it was just too much!!

Once back home in the Berkshires, I sighed an “ahhhhhhhhh.” The Berkshires is just right!! We are near 2 world class cities (NY and Boston), we have some pretty darn good views, decent skiing, great culture, artisans, shopping, lakes etc. I am so lucky to be here.